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The team at Waterproofing Melbourne likes a challenge. As you navigate through our site, you'll see we have all the waterproofing systems needed to waterproof / seal large remote drinking tanks, rooftops, basements, tennis courts, elevated pools, ponds...
anything, anywhere.

We have been waterproofing Australia for over 10 years and we can help you. From sprayed Polyurea, Polyurethane and Liquid Rubber to roll-on membranes, bitumen sheet waterproofing, Butynol repairs, bentonite sheeting and hydrostatic tanking (negative waterproofing), we are prepared to travel the Country and solve your problem.

Once you’ve viewed the area of your interest, please feel free to take an ebrochure to forward to your colleagues and contact Ron for
any assistance.

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Registered Building Practitioner - CB-L (Waterproofing) 42057 CB-L (Waterproofing) 42057

Waterproofing Melbourne
Waterproofing Pools, Tanks, Rooftops, Ponds, Balconies, Industrial Coatings and Basements - Australia Wide.